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Sarafina Beck

Dancer / Choreographer

Sarafina Beck joined Cie. La Ronde as a dancer for their inaugural production '8'. She is thrilled to be returning to the company for '4 x Rousseau', this time sharing her choreographic voice to the mix of creators.


Latin rhythms and couple dancing were the beginning of the desire to live out her love of movement on a daily basis. In 2015, Sarafina decided to start the three-year HF course for Contemporary and Urban Dance. Studying allowed her to expand her passion for movement and reshuffle the cards for her future aspirations as a dancer. After graduating, Sarafina started to become active as a freelance dancer and choreographer. With Company MEK, directed by Muhammed Kaltuk, she has been working regularly on pieces of different types since the beginning of 2019. Sarafina is continuously realising her visions in independent projects and since November she has been teaching. Her movement forms do not arise from the idea of using a particular dance aesthetic, but rather drawing the aesthetic out of the subject matter. She looks for the origin of a movement in the given emotion in order to express it.

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