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For Cie. La Ronde's second full evening work, Ihsan Rustem, Caroline Finn and Luca Signoretti will once again team up to create an evening inspired by the life and work of Jean-Jaques Rousseau. Company dancer Sarafina Beck will step into a new role as choreographer, bringing her dynamic energy and voice into the evening. 

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”

J.J Rousseau

Choreographers '4 x Rousseau'

Ihsan Rustem, Caroline Finn, Luca Signoretti, Sarafina Beck

Ihsan Rustem
Artistic Director / Choreographer

Ihsan Rustem was born in London where he trained at the Rambert...

Caroline Finn

A native of England, Caroline received her training at the Jiulliard School...

Luca Signoretti

Luca Signoretti was born in Pesaro, Italy. He began his training at Hangart, the...

Sarafina Beck
Dancer / Choreographer

(Swiss) Latin rhythms and couple dancing were the beginning of the desire to live...
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