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For Cie. La Ronde's second full evening work, Ihsan Rustem, Caroline Finn and Luca Signoretti will once again team up to create an evening inspired by the life and work of Jean-Jaques Rousseau. Company dancer Sarafina Beck will step into a new role as choreographer, bringing her dynamic energy and voice into the evening. 

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”

J.J Rousseau

'4 x Rousseau' New Production
March 1st 2024

‘4 x Rousseau’ is the second full-length production by the Zurich based company Cie. La Ronde. Gathering a quartet of both internationally renowned and up & coming choreographers, and utilising the unique co-creational structure that characterises the company, Cie. La Ronde takes inspiration for its artistic discourse from the life and work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 

Together with the dancers, the choreographic team consisting of Ihsan Rustem, Caroline Finn, Luca Signoretti, Sarafina Beck will delve into themes surrounding the philosopher's work - in particular his theses on the freedom of the individual vs. the central concerns of the collective. Much has obviously changed since Rousseau's time, yet his questions about inequality and social justice continue to seem shockingly familiar and relevant today. Where do we stand at this moment in time in facing Rousseau's questions? In ‘4 x Rousseau’, the members of Cie. La Ronde not only reflect upon the philosopher’s theories from their own perspectives, but also critically explore the direct connection with its influence on the society we function in at present, in an emotionally powerful work of physical, darkly humorous, danced theatre.

A Co-Production with Theater Winterthur & Tanzwerk 101

Artistic Direction: Ihsan Rustem
Choreography: Caroline Finn, Ihsan Rustem, Luca Signoretti, Sarafina Beck

Dancers: Dario Dinuzzi, Egon Gerber, Giulia Esposito, Nora Brown, Dario Rigaglia, Sarafina Beck, Wittha Tonja, Angelina Pico

Composition & Exec. Music Producer: Alexandre Dai Castaing

Composition Cello: Julia Kent

Stage & Costume: Renê Salazar

Managing Director & Production Manager: Martina Langmann-Gnädinger

Technical Director: Benjamin Auer 

Administration: Irene Andreetto

Production: Cie. La Ronde

Co-Producers: Theater Winterthur, Tanzwerk101, Grosse Halle - Reitschule Bern

Partners: Stadttheater Langenthal, Kulturmarkt Zürich, ZÜRICH TANZT, Tanzhaus Zürich, Tanzfest Bern

Performances & Tickets

Premiere Theater Winterthur 1 March 2024 & 2 / 9 / 10 March 2024

Stadttheater Langenthal 14 März 2024

Grosse Halle / Reitschule Bern 1 / 2 Mai 2024

Kulturmarkt Zürich / ZÜRICH TANZT 4 / 5 Mai 2024

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Choreographers '4 x Rousseau'

Ihsan Rustem, Caroline Finn, Luca Signoretti, Sarafina Beck

Ihsan Rustem
Artistic Director / Choreographer

Ihsan Rustem was born in London where he trained at the Rambert...

Caroline Finn

A native of England, Caroline received her training at the Jiulliard School...

Luca Signoretti

Luca Signoretti was born in Pesaro, Italy. He began his training at Hangart, the...

Sarafina Beck
Dancer / Choreographer

(Swiss) Latin rhythms and couple dancing were the beginning of the desire to live...
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