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Join the Cie. La Ronde Family

'4 x Rousseau'
Co - Producers 

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Cie. La Ronde relies greatly on the support of private and public funding in order to create the work we are doing. If you would like to join our 'family' by making a one-time donation, this would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to enter into a long-term partnership, we also have many ways in which to collaborate and would love to discuss this together.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Martina Langmann-Gnädinger

Production Manager

+41 76 239 9249

An example of how donations may be distributed (CHF)...

500-1'000 would support the design and production of a dancer's costume.

2'000 would cover the salary costs for one dancer for 1 week

5'000 would cover the costs for all performances of one dancer

10'000 would contribute to the cost of set design and construction

15'000 would cover the cost of a guest choreographer

20'000 would cover the cost of the composition


Direct donations may be sent to:

Cie. La Ronde / PostFinance

IBAN CH65 0900 0000 1561 4695 7 
Account number 15-614695-7


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Musical Opera & Ballet Trust

Minerva Kunststiftung

Brigitte Matteuzzi-Weber

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