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Who Created What...

Did you guess correctly?

Cathy, Ihsan, Caroline and Luca began the creation of ‘8’ very collaboratively, by ‘inventing’ the characters and elements of their movement vocabulary together. While each of the four choreographers created two duets, we worked ‘á quatre’ to bring the whole work together into one piece. Essentially, we consider it a single work created by the four of us and this is why we decided not to list the choreographers of individual scenes in the evening program, but rather let you guess. And if you want to find the answers, we are revealing them here...

Scene 1 - Julia + Eduardo, Cathy Marston
Scene 2 - Eduardo + Eden, Luca Signoretti
Scene 3 - Eden + Nova, Ihsan Rustem
Scene 4 - Felix + Robyn, Caroline Finn
Scene 5 - Robyn + Philippe, Ihsan Rustem
Scene 6 - Helen + Felix, Cathy Marston
Scene 7 - Philippe + Nova, Luca Signoretti
Scene 8 - Helen + Julia, Caroline Finn
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