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Petr Nedbal


Petr Nedbal was born in the Czech Republic. After an internship at the Jose-Limon Institute in New York, he successfully completed his dance studies as a dancer and choreographer at the conservatory Duncan Center in Prague. During his studies at the conservatory Petr was invited to collaborate with the Milano City Ballet and perform his choreography at the Pillole Festival in Milan. At the same time, he was part of international dance projects of M4m and the Deja Donne company, later on, got offered an apprenticeship with the Tanzcompagnie Konzert Theater Bern. Petr graduated at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands, where he got the chance to dance and work with world-known artists, like Ime Essien, Caroline Finn, Tony Vezich, Cristina Leitão, Idan Sharabi, Georg Reischl, Piet Rogie, Angus Balbernie, Nicole Beutler and Eva Karczag. With a choreographic work, Petr won the opportunity to participate in the student project of CaDance festival in The Hague. For the China and East European Summer Dance Camp he was given the honor to represent the Czech Republic in the category traditional and contemporary dance. The Italian Lago Film Fest offered Petr a platform to present one of his latest work “FEST OF WONDER”. Petr's current choreography, “WANTED”, premiered in Hochregallager Bern in collaboration with akar Zeitgenössischer Tanz and HOCHHAUS. Since Petr has moved to Bern, he works as a freelance dancer, performer, choreographer with Emma Murray, Vanessa Cook Dance, Joshua Monten Dance Company, ORA dance art collective, DA MOTUS!, ROTES VELO kompanie, Lowtech Magic, Kollektiv F, Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company, Marcel Leemann and pedagogue with Tanzbüro Basel, Conservatoire de Fribourg COF, akar Zeitgenössischer Tanz, The Link Tanzausbildung and Accademia balladyum.

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