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Giulia Esposito


Giulia Esposito (1999 Münsterlingen, Switzerland) obtained her dance education at the Zürcher Tanz Theater Schule followed by the Swiss National School for Urban and Contemporary Dance in Zurich (HF ZUB), where she graduated in July 2019.

The rich variety of styles at ZUB allowed Esposito the opportunity there to work with Jochen Heckmann, Natalie Wagner, Ihsan Rustem, Luca Signoretti, Arlette Kunz, Marco Volta, Olivia Marinoni, Nadine Sieber, Adriana Mortelliti, Rafael Smadja, James Wilton, Paula Lansley. Giulia E

In the winter of 2016 and 2017 she worked as an assistant to choreographer Luca Signoretti as well as a workshop teacher at the Interdans contemporary dance festival in Belgium.

Giulia’s openness to everything „dance“ keeps her constantly active. The diverse range of projects involved in include musicals, dance and theatre productions, video projects, commercial shows and competitions, both in Switzerland and abroad. 

In June 2019, Giulia became a founding member of MERGE DANCE COLLECTIVE (MDC), initiated by graduates of HF ZUM. Giulia has appeared as a MDC dancer at the Zurich Breakthrough Festival 2019 with the duet „Maestro Maestro!“, in „Der widerwillige Walzer“ at the Kleinkunstrallye, and other art platforms in Winterthur.

Giulia currently freelances in Switzerland and collaborates with various dancers, choreographers and artists, including Company MEK, Marcel Leemann, Luca Signoretti, Joshua Monten and Rafael Smadja.

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