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About Us
Cie. La Ronde

A company rooted in Switzerland and founded in 2020 by choreographers Cathy Marston and Ihsan Rustem, Cie. La Ronde creates and produces dance-led, theatrical works.

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The entire creative team are 'Swiss-based' artists of the world, with international reputations and individual pathways. They are friends who joined together in Cie. La Ronde to share, stimulate, and support one another creatively in a spirit of exploration; expanding and deepening their own artistic practice. 

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4 Voices. 1 Vision. 8 Stories. 1 Desire

'8' is the first production by Cie. La Ronde. A full-evening dance work fusing an international quartet of choreographers, Cathy Marston, Ihsan Rustem, Caroline Finn and Luca Signoretti, who will together reimagine the way in which stories are told.

All ‘at home’ in Switzerland, they come together to create a modern-day adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s controversial 1920 play Reigen (La Ronde). The four unique signatures tell eight stories, all of which are linked together to form a whole.

Reigen, still considered Schnitzler’s masterpiece, is known for its provocative commentary, questioning sexual morality by describing successive encounters through a chain of couples.

In '8', Cie. La Ronde focuses on the motivations, desires and needs of the various characters. The choreographers are interested in the idea of transmission, be it the literal passing of an object or movement motif, or a metaphorical transferal of emotional experiences. They are reconceiving Schnitzler's work from a contemporary perspective, creating a thought-provoking, sensual, poetic and humorous evening of dance.



A Co-Production with Migros-Kulturprozent Tanzfestival Steps, Theater Winterthur & Tanzwerk 101


Nurturing diversity of perspective in both the work and team, CLR endeavours to reflect upon our world and times through imaginative, authentic and empathetic communication with our audience.

Cathy Marston appointed Director of Ballett Zürich

Cie. La Ronde would like to congratulate co-founding Artistic Director Cathy Marston on her appointment as Director of the Ballett Zürich. She will succeed Christian Spuck in 2023.

Cathy will therefore step down from her current position at Cie. La Ronde, but will remain associated with the company in the form of Artistic Advisor. The entire Cie. La Ronde 'family' wish Cathy the best of luck for her new venture.

New Production - February 2024

For Cie. La Ronde's second full evening work, Ihsan Rustem, Caroline Finn and Luca Signoretti will once again team up to create four works inspired by the life and work of Jean-Jaques Rousseau. Company dancer Sarafina Beck will step into a new role as choreographer, bringing her dynamic energy and voice into the evening. 


Stay In Touch.


Cie. La Ronde

Ihsan Rustem

Artistic Director


Martina Langmann-Gnädinger

Production Manager

+41 76 239 9249

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